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We develop software solutions on various platforms and using different developing tools, programming languages, and database systems to suit the application and to fulfill customer needs.

Our software products are designed to provide the user with the best functionality, and maximum flexibility. User interfaces are characterized by being simple and user-friendly. 

We specialize in customized software solutions
covering a wide range of applications to enhance your organization's





Instrument transformer testing software  CTPT Remote®

 This product is a tailored solution for remote control of Haefely/Tettex instrument transformer test set type 2767, electronic current burden type 3691/92, voltage burden type 3695/3697 and electronic voltage burden type 4860, via an IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) interface. The software is designed to perform current transformer and voltage transformer testing according to the latest international standards (e.g. IEC 60044-1, IEC 600440-2, etc.).

  View Brochure ,  Download Brochure (pdf)

 (A demo version will be available for download soon)



Current transformer design software

A powerful and user friendly computer-aided-design tool allowing a current transformer design engineer to complete a design in a few seconds. It provides the designer with the possibility for changing design parameters and observing their effects on the performance of the transformer. The software calculates all performance parameters, including ratio and phase errors (which are automatically plotted and compared to the IEC limits). It allows the user to select among different types of core materials, wires and wire cross-sections. The software also produces an accurate estimate of the required lenghts and weights of materials, and a diagram showing the transformer structure, cross section, and dimensions.




Factory automation and management

 Customized solutions for remote control of equipment, monitoring, and management of factory operations, production planning, order handling, bill-of-material preparation, statistics and reporting, etc.

Integrated Solutions
Integrated solutions consisting of two or more of the above modules can be combined according to customer needs, and interfaced with other existing and running software applications.


Our customers' list  includes:

  • Haefely Test AG - Switzerland
  • ABB - Egypt
  • ABB - Poland
  • AREVA - China
  • AREVA - India
  • Bulgarian Institute of Metrology - Bulgaria
  • Hydro Quebec - Canada
  • Egyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Co. (EGEMAC) - Egypt
  • National Institute for Standards - Egypt
  • National Institute of Metrology - Brazil
  • PSE - Poland
  • PEA - Thailand
  • Necom - Romania